Well-known in the South Florida green building community for over 10 years, I have a sincere devotion to improve the performance, function and aesthetic qualities of our buildings and our communities. With extensive experience in built projects involving proven sustainable design principles and performance; my work encourages conscientious engagement between our people and our communities to create socially responsible, highly efficient – low impact projects.

My personal goal is the evolution of the built environment and our lifestyle, moving towards a responsible and sustainable future.  I believe this goal can be achieved through our critical analysis and integration of high performance green building design, intelligent community planning, and the evolution of our development practices.  With extensive experience in design, planning, and construction which utilize integrated design principles – we can foster design collaborations culminating in socially responsible, low impact projects.  It is with this critical thinking and inter-relationship of our buildings, neighborhoods and infrastructure that will generate dynamic solutions necessary to face our current challenges – which are without a doubt, the most critical topics faced by our generation.